Building better, together.

The Ncontracts team is passionate about building a safer world for everyone through making reliable & easy to use Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance products.

Core Values

Our values make us who we are. At Ncontracts, the Product department’s successes can always be traced back to two core tenants: Learning and Teamwork.


Regardless the team you work on day-to-day, everyone at Ncontracts is a continual learner. Whether it’s Devs picking up a new language, Product Owners learning new methodologies, or Ops keeping current on the latest security issues, continuing our education is a core competency for everyone.

We value both self-guided learning (via conferences, sharing blog posts, Lynda / CodeAcademy), learning as a group (via Book Club, company-sponsored Lunch and Learns), and mentorship (both internally and in the community at large). If you can’t tell yet, we’re really jazzed about learning.


Ken Blanchard is noted for saying “None of us is as smart as all of us”. At Ncontracts, we succeed as a team and we fail as a team – the sense of duty to each other to commit our best each day is tangible.

Communication doesn’t end when the morning standup meetings are done. With a team that spans 6 states, the only way to make it work is commitment to direct communication, evidenced by the amount and frequency of breakout conversations, video chats, impromptu whiteboarding, and  paired programming sessions. Over-reliance on email-only, chat-only interactions leads to a lack of shared understanding.

Our project methodologies (we have everyone read User Story Mapping) are people-centric. Any time a developer grabs a user story to work on, we have a quick conversation between design, dev, and product to ensure we have the right context and assets so that there’s no roadblocks.

Meet the Teams

A bit about each of the teams in our department

Analytics + Data

Can the Ncontracts team handle crunching millions of rows of data and providing insights to our users in both a performant and elegant suite of solutions? You betcha. Based primarily in Charlotte, NC, our B.I. & Dataviz wizards make the heavy-lifting seem easy.


The design team wears many hats: Look and feel. Voice and Tone. Interaction design. IA & User Experience. In-app messaging. From whiteboarding and wireframes through to clickable prototypes and testing concepts with real users, the Product Designers at Ncontracts eat, sleep, and breathe design.


Regardless of seniority, from Juniors to Seniors, all Ncontracts developers are full-stack. This enables us to deliver entire vertical slices of value to our customers. C#, React, Ruby, Python, Javascript, HTML, CSS... it doesn't matter! nDevs can do it all.

InfoSec + Ops

DevOps. Continuous Deployment. Cloud Storage. Enterprise-level security. Desktop support for the entirety of the Product department. This team has an around-the-clock presence to ensure uptime is 100% and everything runs smoothly.


They're into everything USER: User story mapping. Gathering user feedback. Ensuring the products aren't just meeting basic user needs but providing real value. Internally, they keep our roadmaps clear, backlogs full, and deliver projects before their deadline.


Every user story that goes through the development process gets cross-browser and cross-platform tested by our trusty QA team. From automation to regression, you're only as strong as your weakest link and the QA team ensures we don't ship weak links.

What Sets Us Apart?

Just a few of the things that make Ncontracts a great place to build products.
Unlimited (Responsible)
Paid Time Off

Part of having a healthy work-life balance is being able to be present for important things in life. Kids let out of school for snow days? No worries. Want to attend every day of CMA Fan Fest? Enjoy yourself. We work hard so that we can enjoy living!

Personal Equipment

Everyone on the team gets a $500 personal equipment budget… want that trackpad or wireless keyboard? Want to cut the cord on your office headphones and go bluetooth? Treat yo self!

and Growth

We’re a no-BS office when it comes to growth. Each specialty has a clear path for advancement & transparent leveling, weekly one-on-ones, and support to help you meet your personal & professional development goals. 

Continually Improving Processes

Unlike some places that are agile in name only, we’re also agile with our processes. Each team holds a retrospective after each sprint, and we figure our what’s working and what needs shaking up… then actually change things to try new approaches.

Fancy Coffee
and Snacks

Sure, it’s a small thing, but we all love having unlimited pour-over coffee (or K-cups, if that’s your speed), drinks (sparkly water, teas, sodas, etc), and health-positive snacks like fresh fruit and plantain chips. Yum!

Weekly Remote
Work Days

While we love collaborating in-office here in Brentwood, it’s also refreshing to break up the work week by working remotely. Get inspired working from a coffee shop or just hang out at home in your robe and slippers.  

Open Positions

Now that you know what we're all about, here's who we're looking for to join the team!
Nashville, TN or Remote
Nashville, TN or Remote

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