Customer interviews and why they are important?

Customer interviews

Customer interviews are a great way to get to know your customer. Interviewing your customer will become a valuable source of information for your business. The insight you receive will inform you that you are heading in the right direction. Make sure you do as much customer discovery to find out who your customer “really” is. You are looking to understand their problems, needs, and wants.

  1. Example: Your business idea is to have a shop for red shirts. The customer interviewers you conducted found out 6 out of 10 people you interviewed preferred blue shirts. This insight leads you to know that your shop should contain or have blue shirts.
  2. Example: Say you planned to create a scheduling app for busy parents. The app function was to help them organize their daily tasks. Through many customer interviewers with parents, you found out parents had it together when it came to organizing, but needed support when it came to safe pickup for their child. So your idea assumption was clarified. You may think about pivoting to a safe ride-share app to serve your parents’ needs. 

It all starts with the right questions! The questions should be centered on a problem you would like to solve. The key is to have a conversation, not an interrogation. The questions should be open-ended. You don’t want to lead your interviewee to the answer, your goal is to get them talking. Be sure to introduce yourself and why you are conducting this interview. Ice breakers are a great way to start the conversation and make sure your interviewee feels more comfortable. You are learning their wants, needs, and behaviors. Why behavior? Well as humans, we mean well when we talk about what we do, but sometimes behaviors do not match what we say. 

Data collection is just as important as asking the right questions. Recording the interview can ensure accurate data. It also helps you to focus on them and be present for active listening. Be sure to ask for permission first before recording. Be upfront, tell them that the recording is for note-taking, and will not be shared publicly. Trust is a big part, if they trust you they will most likely be honest and straightforward. 

So what are we looking for? You are looking for patterns and recurring themes that might show up when you calculate the data. This discovery helps you know what exact solutions you need to solve. The data will help certify any assumptions. Turn your hypotheses into fact, validate if you are solving the right problem. 

Customer interviews are here to stay! These relationships should continue throughout the business with your customers. Be sure to save the detailed notes. You will be referring to this data a lot. This data, later on, can be used to conducted user testing. User testing is done to test your problem solution, which will determine if you hit the mark. 

In closing, it’s valuable to learn as much about your customers as you can. This ensures you are building the right thing!