Collecting Data for Deeper Customer Research Insights

Customer Research Insights

So you’ve done some initial Customer Research and it’s time to collect deeper insights.

Before you get ahead of yourself, remember why you’re collecting data in the first place: everything should connect back to your business goals.

Baseline demographic information could be as simple as the customer’s age, locations, how many people are in their household, work status, or general preferences. Demographic data is helpful for building different personas, as your customers will likely have different needs based on different factors in their life.

If you have an existing product or service, it’s helpful to know how often they use or search for your services or product as well as how many times they interact with your communications. Website usage, social media engagement, SMS response, and email open rate all help identify patterns that will explain motivations behind customers’ behavior and lets you know if the ways you communicate are effective.

At Ncontracts
Here at Ncontracts, we’re regularly monitoring the well-being of our customers and how effective our software is at solving their problems. From customers having some difficulty completing a task to understanding whether we’re solving all of the problems they have in a certain business area, it’s important to gather many data points.

Example of Goals 
To help illustrate the kinds of data you’d want to capture, here are a few examples:
Insight Needed: The customer was having some struggles with a part of our software.
Data to Gather: Find out where they are struggling and build metrics around it.

Insight Needed: Let’s see how often they are using this feature.
Data to Gather: Collect the amount of traffic you are getting to these features.

Insight Needed: Let’s see when do they use this feature.
Data to Gather: Track the time of day when they are using this feature.

Insight Needed: Let’s see how long it take them to complete their task.
Data to Gather: Track the time spent when using this feature.

Insight Needed: Pick up the phone and ask them directly.
Data to Gather: Set up customer calls and let them walk you through the task and see firsthand where they are having issues.

Tips for Gathering Information
Get it down on paper. 
Create a spreadsheet with each goal as a tab. Make sure you break it down into quarters, months, weeks, or even days. In other words, breaking it down into small sections will help you collect the data quicker while it’s still fresh

Be Specific
The more specific you are around how(s) and why(s), the better you will learn from your data. Over time you will see patterns and use them to strengthen your business goals and where to put most of your efforts.

Manually gathering insights can be time-consuming, so consider automating insights. At Ncontracts, we leverage tools like Pendo, FullStory, and Alchemer, but there’s are other tools that are inexpensive or free – like Google Analytics, Inspectlet, and Google Forms, or SurveyMonkey.

The data is there to help you make the best possible solutions. So collect until your heart is content!