Ryan Green

When he isn't cheering on his favorite soccer team or playing guitar, Ryan is Director of the Product Design team. Most days, he can be found behind his laptop geeking out about Lean UX and human-centered design practices.

Product Lagom: A Designer’s Relationship with “Just Enough”

As a product designer, being a voracious reader & consumer of podcasts about design comes with the territory. As ‘mental cross-training’ I don’t solely read about building websites and software, I take in info from all areas. Print & traditional design, industrial design, architecture & the design of physical spaces. It was in one of… Read More »Product Lagom: A Designer’s Relationship with “Just Enough”

Design Ego and Workism

One of the trickiest phases early in my design career was working through the misconception that I am the sum of my work output. Psychology Today calls this workism, and I can attest that it hurts you both professionally and personally. Designers are especially susceptible to the pitfalls of perfectionism and long hours, but this… Read More »Design Ego and Workism

The Power of IDK

One of the strongest tools a designer has in their toolbelt is also one of the hardest things for people to bring themselves to say: “I don’t know”. Why Can’t We Say “I Don’t Know” One of my favorite podcasts is Freakonomics, which frequently looks at the intersection of human psychology and business though an… Read More »The Power of IDK

Knowing and Communicating Clearly With Our Users

As a product building organization, 2019 was a big year for maturing our processes and methodologies at Ncontracts. We dove head-first into agile, we matured our tech stacks from a development and dev-ops perspective, added version-control to our design stack, and launched the Nstyle Design System. The biggest of our changes, however, are around knowing… Read More »Knowing and Communicating Clearly With Our Users